Monday, April 28, 2008

Thing 23

If you have read any of this blog, you will have an idea of how relieved I am to be finished. I should have titled my blog "Reluctant Blogger". If I had only known! I am amazed how much information I have accumulated and how many new ideas I've been exposed to. I've learned a few new tricks and that's saying a lot.

Thing 22

Here I am supposed to resolve to keep up with Web 2.0 and Library 2.0. I'm sure that would be a wise resolution, but I'm resolving to go back and try to figure out where I went wrong with some of the first 23. If nothing else, I am persistant and will keep trying to resolve my video addition problem. Maybe I will continue to blog, but at this point, I will not make much of a vlogger.

Thing 21

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">This is the way my badge looks. I got almost as many error messages on this Thing as I did on Thing 18. I also had problems uploading videos (Really?!?) I was able to leave comments with out any problems, so at this point I'm blaming my computer . Of course, I am not a member of any other online communities. I'm still perfedting e-mail! If it were not for 23 Things, I would not even be aware that such things exist.
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Thing 20

I signed up for facebook 3 days ago and still haven't recieved my confirmation e-mail. So I'm stuck for now and will try to move on to Thing 21. I finally got my confirmation and now I am on Facebook. Being the coward that I am, I limited my privacy as much as possible. I joined a crocheting group as I have been busily creating baby items in various colors for my newly-pregnant daughter. I enjoyed looking at the library My Space sites. They were a bit more exciting than our "home page", but I think most of the information is similar. If our library wants to "jazz up" our homepage, I hope they don"t ask me to help!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Thing 19

I listened to a CBC Comedy Factory podcast called "Could You Repeat That?" from April 10, 2008. I found it amusing and entertaining. I found the the easiest site to navigate. I got a bit lost at Yahoo. After my fiasco with Thing 18 I have no interest whatsoever in creating or trying podcasting. O.K., well MAYBE with a LOT of help and some really knowlegeable partners.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thing 18

You Tube was quite interesting to view, although I would not be interested in putting my stuff out there. I did enjoy several videos, but encountered LOTS of problems trying to upload them to my blog. I kept getting a message that the "tag was broken." I have no idea what this means and frankly I can not spend any more time trying to figure this out. After 4 hours of trying I still have had no success. I thought I had it once, but got this message: PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED (no kidding!) I also got a blog ID and a video ID. Sorry, but I am through with thing 18!

Thing 17

Already I am in trouble. I don't understand ANY of the directions, so I will return to this post after I can consult with someone who knows more than I do.